4-Slot Layer 3 IPv6/IPv4 Routing Chassis Switch - XGS3-42000R - Planet



4-Slot Layer 3 IPv6/IPv4 Routing Chassis Switch - XGS3-42000R - Planet



Reliable, High-performance and High-density Enterprise Backbone Switch
10/40-Gigabit Ethernet supported equipment has become the fundamental unit of enterprises and network servers. PLANET XGS3-42000R is the cost-effective, high-density and high-bandwidth chassis switch, which meets today’s market requirements. Its dedicated chassis architecture feature makes all modules in the platform operate together as one much larger switch providing multiple high-performance 10/40-Gigabit Ethernet network for backbone of enterprises, campuses or telecoms. The redundant management modules and dual power supplies provide the XGS3-42000R with nonstop network service ability. Moreover, all modules are hot-swappable. They can be added or exchanged without interrupting the operation of the whole system. The XGS3-42000R Chassis Switch is ideal for being a server farm switch connecting to servers and perfectly suitable for those networking environments requiring constant access to critical business applications.

Carrier Class Backbone Switch for Campus and Community
For small area network communications on the campus and in the community, PLANET XGS3-42000R Chassis Switch is the best choice for an affordable and scalable network deployment. It offers a high-capacity chassis platform with high quality and reliability in 10/100/1000BASE-T, 1000BASE-SX/LX, 10GBASE-SR/LR and 40GBASE-SR4/LR4 scalable solutions that integrate easily into any large network. The XGS3-42000R can provide a maximum of up to either 160 high-density Gigabit Ethernet ports, 156 mini-GBIC/SFP ports, 60 10G SFP+ ports or 6 40G QSFP+ ports which are available for remote uplink connectivity in a single system and provide the uplink to the edge network through 1000BASE-SX/LX SFP modules, 10GBASE-SR/LR SFP+ modules or 40GBASE-SR4/LR4 QSFP+ modules. The XGS3-42000R offers a comprehensive set of modules for complex network and gives network manager the flexibility to expand large area network when needed.


2017-06-03 1.0 XGS3-42000R
Quick Guide
2017-04-28 2.1 Release for hardware version 2.0.
Add two new modules: XGS3-S20X2Q, XGS3-S44S4X
2016-06-24 2.0 Release for XGS3 series module version 2.0.
2016-06-23 2.0 Release for hardware version 2.0.
2010-05-01 1.0 Initial release for Modules
2010-05-01 1.0 Initial release for AC Power Supply
2010-04-23 1.0 Initial release
User's Manual
2016-07-21 2.0 Configuration Guide release for hardware version 2.0.
2016-06-24 2.0 Manual release for XGS3-PWR-AC version 2.0.
2010-06-09 1.0 400watt AC power supply for XGS3-42000R
2010-05-14 1.1 Initial release for Command Guide.
2010-05-14 1.0 Initial release for Configuration Guide.
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