7-Slot Media Converter Chassis - MC-700 - Planet



7-Slot Media Converter Chassis - MC-700 - Planet 


High Density Chassis for Multiple Converter Installation
PLANET MC-700 provides 7 slots in the 10” rack which saves more spaces for fiber-optic wiring yet eases the maintenance of media conversion. It allows the connectivity of up to seven PLANET Ethernet, Fast Ethernet, Gigabit Ethernet or VDSL2 Converters in one chassis. One fan is built-in for system cooling and its status can be watched by the LED indicators in the MC-700.

Plug and Play / Flexible Installation
The MC-700 offers a flexible and scalable solution to media converter installation. There is an independent power supply in each slot of the MC-700, so that any converter is hot-swappable without causing interruption to other converters. The media converters can be plugged and played anytime. Each bay of the MC-700 can be populated with any of PLANET’s media converter series, the FT, GT, VC-20x and ICS series, to provide media conversion between fiber optic, phone wire and serial to copper lines.


Centralized Media Converter Management
PLANET MC-700 provides advanced Media conversion technology to meet the growing demand for the current network. The media converter chassis allows to install up to seven PLANET FT-8 / FT-9 / GT-7 / GT-8 Fast / Gigabit Ethernet media converters with diverse options of fiber connecting type to fit in different network applications. It is very flexible for FT-8 / FT-9 / GT-7 / GT-8 series being installed in the MC-700 for centralized power feeding and media conversion management.


2014-02-27 1.0 MC-700
User's Manual
2015-07-30 1.31 Add French Rack Mount instruction.
2012-08-10 1.3 Add Rack Mount instruction.
2009-03-02 1.1 User's Manual
2008-03-24 1.0 Manual for MC-700_1500_1000R
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