5035CPALK-366-374-103-119 Ui35 Cellular Booster Kit Custom - Uniden

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The Uniden® Ui35 Cellular Booster Kit can give you up to 35,000 sq. ft of improved cellular coverage. (Dependent on your input signal) This kit works great when your signal outside is extremely weak (1 bar).

The Uniden® Ui35 Cellular Signal Booster Base Kit includes:

  • Uniden® Ui35 Cellular Booster
  • Uniden® Outdoor Yagi 9 Directional Antenna
  • Uniden® Indoor Panel Directional Antenna
  • Uniden® U5D Ultra Low Loss Coaxial Cable - 30ft (9m)
  • Uniden® U5D Ultra Loss Coaxial Cable - 3ft (1m)
  • 110V power adapter

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