IPX-1100 Planet Internet Telephony PBX system (100 SIP Users registrations)

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ntuitive, Ease-of-Use IP PBX Management 

PLANET IPX-1100 advanced IP PBX telephony system is effortlessly set up and managed, thanks to its intuitive web-based user interface and quick setup wizard. As an Asterisk-based solution, it offers the complete benefits of pre-loaded SIP, akin to features found in other high-end enterprise-level appliances. With a capacity to accommodate 100 user registrations, the IPX-1100 simplifies the administration of a comprehensive voice-over-IP system, providing both convenience and cost advantages. The equipment is best paired with PLANET color IP phones to get the function going smoothly and to have a seamless connection between the software and hardware.

Extension User
Concurrent Call
Room Concurrent Call
400 hrs
400 hrs
2 FXO (Built-in)

Off-net Calling Capability, Call Restriction, Call Access Control

The IPX-1100 is instrumental in establishing a robust VoIP system for small- and medium-sized businesses (SMBs). When seamlessly integrated with PLANET VoIP gateways (VGW-series), the IPX-1100 extends support for analog connections. This integration guarantees seamless communication encompassing the existing PSTN calls, analog phones, IP phones, and SIP-based endpoints.


Distributed VoIP Network Infrastructure

In the new-generation communication age, the IPX-1100 supports IPv6 and VPN (client/server) connection to provide users with more flexible and advantageous communications products. With PLANET DDNS function, the IPX-1100 also helps users to apply and remember the login information easier. Its multiple-language feature helps user to quickly and friendly manage the system. Moreover, the IPX-1100 supports Lync server to which smart phone (using third-party app) and analog phone are connected via its communication with other devices of Lync server.


Standard Compliance

Compliant with the Session Initiation Protocol 2.0 (RFC 3261), the IPX-1100 is able to broadly interoperate with equipment provided by VoIP infrastructure providers, thus enabling them to provide their customers with better multi-media exchange services.

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