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Hazardous area telephone work as atex equipment made of GRP by die casting. The IECEx explosion proof telephone is rugged and durable. KNTECH design and manufacture the telephone with IECEX certification and export to 50 countries. This Explosion proof Instrinsically safe telephone works in Hazardous Area. The explosion proof telephone use in zone 1 and zone 2. It can also use in Division 2.Ex II 2 GD & Ex ii 2G IECEx Certified explosion proof telephone.

1, Ex d (explosion-proof type)
2, Ex e (increased safety type)
3, Ex i (intrinsically safe)
4, Ex m (casting type)
5, Ex n (non-sparking type)
6, Ex p (aerated positive pressure type)
7, Ex o (oil immersion type)
8, Ex q (Zeng'an Zhongchong type)

Intrinsically safe: The energy of the circuit is limited by the relevant technology, so that the electrical energy generated in the electrical equipment generates sparks or hot surfaces that are not sufficient to detonate substances in the explosive environment.
Increased safety type: Through the design of the product, it can eliminate the detonation source of hot surface or electric arc or electric spark to achieve the purpose of explosion protection.
Molded type: A device or part of a device that may ignite an explosive environment is encapsulated in a substance to isolate the device or part thereof from substances in an explosive atmosphere for the purpose of explosion protection

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