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Emergency Fire Telephone is set up in the subway tunnel fire alarm call, the phone belongs to alarm telephone system terminal. When the fire, break the glass automatic alarm to the world.

1.Robust metal sus 304 body.

2.dustproof keypad flash mounted.

3.Weather resistant to IP65 or IP66 standard,service temperature range from:-35℃to75℃.

4.Magnetic reed hook-switch.

5.Telephone line powered.

6.Lightening protection to ITU-T recommendation K.21.

7.Handset:made of special engineering plastic,high anti-knock resistance,Weatherproof,armoured cable optional.

8.Hearing Aid compatible receiver,Noise canceling microphone.

9.Auto off.When detect buzy tone,the phone will auto off to release line to avoid engage.

10.Selectable 7 minute time out, to release the line if the handset is left off hook.

11.Vandal resistant and tamper-resistant hardware.

12.Easy installation/replacement.

13.Adjustable ringer and volume control optional.

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